Coin Operated Weighing & Vending Machine

Coin operated weighing scales and vending machines are actually money making machine. Just keep it at any place, be a departmental store, shopping mall, pharmacy, clinic or any place frequented by people, these machines will be ready to earn from them.

Coin Operated Person Weighing Machine with Printer

Our coin operated person weighing machine is a kind of pillar type in appearance and has a weight of approximately 20 kgs. This machine is available with printer and easily operated.

Further, it has the following physical features:
  • Physical Dimension: 58cm* 35cm* 118*cm
  • Dimension of Platform: 30cm* 35cm* 13cm
  • Maximum Capacity to weight: 150 kg
This machine issues a slip printed with a thermal printer on insertion of coin.

Height Measuring

No-Frill Coin Operated Person Weighing Machine With Printer, Height Measuring & BMI Printing. On insertion of coin either before or after standing on platform, this scale issue a printed slip with weight, height and BMI along with date & time.

Gift Vending Machine

On insertion of coin, the machine delivers a egg shape plastic capsule containing a toy. The machine also speaks "cook ko kudoo" while delivering the gift.

Love Test Machine

Ideal for the place frequented by teenagers. On insertion of coin indicates the volume of love. Purely for fun, no logic, just collects money.